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Through our “Push System” we’ll make your home buying experience, like no other! By registering for our “Early Bird Access” you can obtain First-Class Access to all the new MLS listings in your desired area. 


Become an Exclusive Member by filling out the Listing Alert by clicking here, and be one of the first people to access Exclusive listings. Members will regularly receive updates on the newly listed properties in their chosen area, automatically, as soon as they are available. It is important to add that your request will be followed up by our Professionals to make sure you are satisfied with the results and to help you make an informed decision about your purchase and investment.


We are here to answer all of your questions, at any time, and to help you find the best property for you and your family efficiently and effectively.


We are committed to you and your process, until the very end. 

By Registering for Listing Alerts you will receive:


Get informed about the latest properties available in your community, compare with your own property or spot your future home, after conveniently assessing your options.


An estimated next year value of each property based on historical data and trends.


See the most recent market transactions in your community. Find out how many properties have been listed, how many of them have been sold and what the average sold price has been.


Find out how different property types perform in a given community and assess the investment and equity gain potential for each property type.


An Estimated available equity in each property after 5 years based on current asking price, historical price appreciation data and mortgage principal payments.


See your community's real estate market activity trends and find out how important market variables such as Average Price and Average Days on Market have fluctuated in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Will there be any obligations upon the submission of the Listing Alert form?

No, submitting the form will not create any contractual obligations. By filling out the Listing Alert form, you are providing express consent to only receive communications from Valipour Real Estate regarding listing Alerts. We will contact you directly for further confirmation and to answer your questions.

Please note that if at any time you wish to stop receiving Listing Alert emails, you can unsubscribe directly from your email and prevent future correspondence. However we highly recommend for you to keep your account active to receive up to date Real Estate listings and news automatically and directly to your inbox.

What kind of information I will receive after submitting a Listing Alert form?

If you have submitted a Listing Alert Form in your desired area, you will receive a report that will give you exclusive information about the most recently listed properties in your selected area before it appears to the public.  This report also includes a snapshot of the current Market Report, recently sold properties. You will also have the opportunity to create your secure account and have exclusive access to view more details that can help you to select your suitable and desired area. Consulting with us is completely free and there is no obligation or commitment necessary.

In your Alerts you will receive: recent listings, future property value, recent deals, property type comparison, available equity and market activity.

I have submitted a form but have not yet received any information. What do I do?

Based on your email privacy and email policies, on some occasions our emails are delivered to your Junk Mailbox. Please make sure to check your junk mail and other folders to see the report.

What is the procedure after I submit this form?

After we receive your request, the system will automatically generate your requested report. In addition, we will contact you via email or phone to follow up and answer your questions.

Where is this information being retrieved from?

The information you receive in your email, upon the submission of a form originates from the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) System, however we are here to answer your questions in-person or virtually, during a one-on-one meeting.

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