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Mortgages 101

Whether you’re taking the plunge into real estate for the first time or maybe you’d just like a refresher, we’re here to make things easy to understand and incredibly convenient.

Our CENTUM mortgage brokers want to be your source for mortgage advice providing help, advice and ongoing guidance. Our focus is getting you the right mortgage solution for your needs and budget. Let us simplify the financial side of home ownership.

Check out our mortgage tutorial and contact us if you have any questions!



The age-old debate:  The security of fixed rate versus the potential savings by having a variable rate that adjusts with the Bank of Canada prime rate.


Let’s get you into something you are comfortable with! We could write a small book on this topic but let’s be honest, who reads that much anymore?


We’re actually grateful you’ve read this far so, as a thank you, here’s a video to explain the difference.

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